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About Us

Norbrook® is very proud of the fact that it is one of the only companies in the world which is licenced by the United States Food and Drugs Administration to manufacture sterile injections for veterinary use outside the USA and import them for sale in USA territory. This is an exceptional achievement which underlines not only the company’s outstanding manufacturing capabilities in Northern Ireland but also its unparalleled knowledge and expertise in regulatory and licencing requirements.

Our company is a strong believer that the Veterinary Pharmaceutical industry requires a self-regulatory body which is modelled on tried and tested systems. It is of the utmost importance that this industry takes a responsible approach for Health and Safety of the individual and the Environment and works in close co-operation and synergy with the relevant regulatory bodies.

Our Company is regulated by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) and the EMEA; whichever is appropriate in the circumstances. We uphold their standards of advertising and we adhere at all times to their standards of "Safety, Quality and Efficacy". In this way the products we produce are manufactured to the same and/or better standards required of our competitors by the Regulatory Authorities. 

Ballyedmond Castle Farm is a key component of Norbrook’s Research and Development. The research farm, which is the only one of its kind in the United Kingdom and the largest of its kind in Europe, provides the ideal environment for confidential research. All studies conducted at Ballyedmond Castle Farm conform to international GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) standards, fulfil the requirements of the regulatory authorities and adhere to relevant legislation.

The company is a true innovator and dedicated to novel research and revolutionary processes and products. In true entrepreneurial fashion, the late Lord Ballyedmond identified an opportunity with the implementation of the Medicines Act 1968 and subsequently pioneered contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals in the UK. Forty years on, Norbrook continues to lead the world in contract manufacture, by not only meeting the high regulatory demands, but also through an on-going commitment to research and development. 

Norbrook’s entrepreneurial spirit continues to be at the heart of the operation today. Norbrook developed the first and only pour-on treatment for internal parasites, external parasites and fluke in cattle. Closamectin is a unique combination of ivermectin and closantel for the treatment of fluke, worms and lice in cattle and sheep. It is available as an injection for sheep and cattle and a pour-on solution for cattle. More recently Norbrook has launched Thyronorm, the first oral suspension for the treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats. 

             Closamectin Range

Please note: Product information presented on this website is intended only as a brief summary of Norbrook products for your convenience. Not all products or indications are licensed in every country and may be subject to further local variations. For specific product information you should always consult a healthcare professional from your region. Please see our terms and conditions for further information.

If you are a veterinary surgeon and would like additional information on any of our products please email enquiries@norbrook.co.uk