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Norbrook® is a true innovator and dedicated to novel research and revolutionary processes and products. Lord Ballyedmond, Founder, Chairman and CEO of the Norbrook Group began his career in the pharmaceutical industry in the USA in the 1960s and now controls the largest privately owned pharmaceutical company in the world.

The company is very active in both medical and veterinary products and Lord Ballyedmond has been accredited with developing pharmaceutical science on the continent of Africa and is recognised worldwide for this.

Research and Development is the key to Norbrook’s success with the R&D Department central to the company’s structure.  It is responsible for new product development, technical support and meeting regulatory and licensing protocols.  Norbrook invests more than 10% of its turnover annually in research and development of new products. 

The company is at the forefront of formulation technology and has developed many new chemical routes for the synthesis of active materials.  Norbrook has formulated and registered more than 800 products in 120 countries. 

The on-going success of the company is conditional on the expertise, knowledge and innovation of the staff employed.  Norbrook prides itself on attracting the highest calibre of individual to the company and boasts a multi-national workforce committed to constantly pushing the boundaries and challenging technologies to ensure that Norbrook remains the leading force in pharmaceuticals that it is today.

The Company is also the first in the anthelmintic market to have developed the 'holy grail' - a pour on painless treatment for internal parasites, external parasites and fluke (both immature and mature) and the sterilisation of eggs.  Closamectin Pour On is set to revolutionise the treatment of fluke, worms and lice in cattle. (for more information about Closamectin visit



Please note: Product information presented on this website is intended only as a brief summary of Norbrook products for your convenience. Not all products or indications are licensed in every country and may be subject to further local variations. For specific product information you should always consult a healthcare professional from your region. Please see our terms and conditions for further information.

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