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  • Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome

    Horses have evolved over the thousands of years and have had many adaptations to the changing environments; however modern day activities have tested their bodies to the maximum. But with ever evolving technology and modern techniques such conditions can be resolved more effectively. According to recent research in the western world, (with the use of gastroscope) approximately 80-90% of racehorses, over 60% in competition horses, up to 50% of leisure horses and 50% of foals have shown to have gastric ulcers with a range of severity1.

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  • Equine Worming

    Equids and worms share a very close relationship, it has often been quoted that every horse in the land has been exposed to internal parasites at some point during their life. This makes worming possibly one of the most ubiquitous healthcare choices that a horse owner has to make. With global warming lending its influence, it is also fast becoming one of the most important decisions as well with warm wet summers and mild winters leading to a nationwide boom in parasite levels seen. Since internal parasites may be the direct cause of many forms of colic - an emergency disease which can cost upwards of £5000 for a surgical case - an appropriate time is never more present to consider recommending a wormer you believe in.

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  • Equine Arthritis

    Recent years have seen that horses are increasingly competing at an advanced age making longevity of the horse vitally important for long term success. Studies indicate that ageing is associated with a reduction in mobility which comprises strength, speed and overall performance. However, athleticism can also predispose and accelerate degenerative ailments to the musculoskeletal system. 

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  • Equine Hydration - Why Lead a Horse to Water

    Dehydration is described as a loss of interstitial fluid without a change in the circulating fluid volume.

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  • Wholesalers

    Our wholesalers distribute and supply products to veterinary practices throughout the country including Norbrook’s® pharmaceuticals, equipment, pet food supplements and disposables.


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