Saturday 21 January

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  • Lice in Cattle

    Ectoparasites can have a very detrimental impact on production and performance of cattle. It has been estimated that losses in livestock production due to ectoparasite infestations exceed $2.26 billion annually.

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  • Enzootic Abortion in Ewes

    Lambing time is a very stressful period for both farmers and vets! Vaccine shortages for Enzootic abortion caused by Chlamydophilia abortus are causing major headaches for sheep farmers this year.

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  • Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD)

    Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) represents the most common illness affecting housed cattle in the UK and is of immense impact both financially and on animal welfare.

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  • Treatment for Fluke in Cattle

    Recent wet summers, perhaps due to climate change, have resulted in the potential for significant fluke problems this year. Many experts now agree that it is no longer enough to routinely treat your cattle for fluke at housing, farmers with a risk of fluke must treat during the grazing season as well.

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