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Norbrook® Laboratories Ltd was founded by the current Chairman and CEO, Lord Ballyedmond, in the late 1960's, when he pioneered contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals in the UK. Since then Norbrook has grown to be a worldwide leader in veterinary finished dose form products, medical finished dose form products and bulk pharmaceutical synthesis, making them a leader in the world in the production of pharmaceutical raw materials.

Most recently the company launched Closamectin Pour On, which has revolutionised the treatment of large animals for parasites (for more information about Closamectin visit This is the only product available in Europe for treating parasites including fluke, by pouring it on the back of the animal. Norbrook has a large pipeline of new products which will be coming to the world market from December of this year, which we believe will put Norbrook in the forefront of novel product development in the next decade and beyond.

History of Norbrook

1969 Norbrook was founded.
1970 Norbrook began manufacture of veterinary pharmaceuticals
1974 The first Norbrook patent was granted
1978 Norbrook expanded into Africa
1980 Norbrook expanded into Japan
1987 Norbrook received its first Queens Award for Export
1990 Norbrook expanded into Eastern Europe
1994 Norbrook announced its £38m expansion programme
1996 Norbrook expanded into People’s Republic of China
1998 Norbrook expanded into medical and raw material pharmaceutical production
2000 Norbrook expanded into Australia and New Zealand
2001 Norbrook launched their first major product for cats and dogs globally
2002 Norbrook received the Queens Award for Export Achievement for the fourth time
2005 Norbrook Laboratories announced Czech acquisition
2006 Norbrook’s novel combination of Ivermectin and Closantel received its license by the UK regulatory authorities.
Norbrook invested £30m in a molecular development facility
2007 Norbrook announced an £83m investment in R&D
2009 Norbrook launched Closamectin Pour On for cattle      
2010 Norbrook launched Closamectin Injection for sheep
2011 Norbrook received the Queens Award for Enterprise

Please note: Product information presented on this website is intended only as a brief summary of Norbrook products for your convenience. Not all products or indications are licensed in every country and may be subject to further local variations. For specific product information you should always consult a healthcare professional from your region. Please see our terms and conditions for further information.

If you are a veterinary surgeon and would like additional information on any of our products please email