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Norbrook’s Life-Aid gives seal pups a second chance

Distressed seal pups on the Cornish Coast are being given a second chance thanks to a lifesaving rehydration solution provided by Norbrook through the work of British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) Cornwall Seal Pup Hospital.

More than 100 seal pups have been treated at the hospital in the past two years, as they become separated from their mothers and often suffer serious injuries in stormy weather.

Ahead of the hospital’s peak season, leading animal pharmaceutical company Norbrook donated a supply of Life-Aid Xtra to assist with the work of the BDMLR Cornwall Seal Pup Hospital, which is run by marine charity BDMLR, an organisation dedicated to the rescue and well-being of marine animals in distress around the UK.

Darryl Thorpe, Clinical Director of the hospital, says the winter months are usually the busiest time, with pups requiring urgent medical care and rehabilitation.

Most seals require immediate rehydration before they arrive at our facility and Norbrook’s Life-Aid Xtra Oral Solution can be lifesaving for pups suffering from hypothermia or low blood glucose levels.

Many of our volunteers have been trained to use stomach tubes when they come across distressed pups on the beach and are able to administer a dose of the oral rehydration solution on the spot, to stabilise the pups before they are transported to the hospital.

Mr Thorpe says as a charity operation, the hospital relies on the generosity of volunteers and donors such as Norbrook.The BDMLR, especially those working at the BDMLR Cornwall Seal Pup Hospital, are very grateful to Norbrook for their very generous donations over the last two years. Norbrook’s donation of Life-Aid Xtra, antibiotic injections and anti-inflammatory injections, allows us to continue our vital work with the Cornwall seals.”

The most common reasons for seal pups being admitted to the hospital are malnutrition, infected bite wounds and respiratory disease – which often include lung and nasal infections. Seal pups admitted to the hospital are examined and fed three times a day and many require antibiotics for infections and anti-inflammatories in cases of severe pain.

Chris Geddes, Marketing Manager for Norbrook, says: “We recognise the vital work that BDMLR carries out, to ensure the conservation of our marine wildlife across England, Wales and Scotland and we are delighted to help when we can.


Posted on Dec 16, 2016 - 09:22 AM

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