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Pet Healthcare

Norbrook®’s Pet Healthcare products have revolutionised how we treat our pets.

With a great selection of easy to administer products and treatments, Norbrook understands the care your pet deserves. Our great Pet Healthcare range includes Cleanor ear cleaner for sensitive ears, Clearcoat antifungal medicated shampo and Firproclear, a spot-on and spray fipronil based antiparasitic to treat and prevent flea and tick infestations.  We also manufacture Permaguard, a pleasantly fragranced household insecticide that protects your home against flea infestations.

Keep your cats and dogs active with our pet healthcare range.

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Featured Pet Products

Oral Suspension for Cats

    “Not only does he love taking the medication straight from the syringe, but the relief he gets from his stiffness is quite noticeable.” - Ms. Lindsey Whitelaw.

    We have found a happy owner and an even happier cat who simply LOVE Norbrook’s Meloxicam Oral Suspension for Cats.

    Don’t forget to speak to your vet on ways to treat pain and arthritis in your cat. If you're a pet owner and would like to request more information on our pain management products send us an email to

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