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The only home-grown British pharmaceutical company

Since its foundation over 40 years ago, our company has grown to be one of the worlds leading pharmaceutical companies. Norbrook® Laboratories has established itself as a global leader in the development of revolutionary veterinary and animal health medicines.

The Company is also the first in the anthelmintic market to have developed Closamectin Pour On - a topical painless treatment for internal parasites, external parasites and liver fluke (both late immature and adult).

Norbrook is a world leader in Procaine, Benzocaine, Flunixin, Ivermectin, Carprofen and Oxytetracycline. Medical products are spread over a wide geographical area and the Company is now a leader on the African Continent with a large production facility in Nairobi, Kenya. Their veterinary division is wide ranging from tick dips in Africa to sterile injectables within South Africa to small animal anti-inflammatories in Europe.

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Norbrook’s® head office is based in Newry, Northern Ireland and has manufacturing facilities in four continents. The company sells to 120 countries worldwide and employs 1500 people in Newry and a further 1500 worldwide

The Company has a unique position in the pharmaceutical market in that it is the only British owned manufacturing company with its subsidiaries around the world reporting to the UK Board of Management.

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Please note: Product information presented on this website is intended only as a brief summary of Norbrook products for your convenience. Not all products or indications are licensed in every country and may be subject to further local variations. For specific product information you should always consult a healthcare professional from your region. Please see our terms and conditions for further information.

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