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FY21 Highlights

2021 saw a significant improvement in Norbrook's financial performance, particularly in the UK and US markets.

Norbrook FY21 Financial Highlights

Operational Highlights

  • Continued growth in North America (CER +14%)
  • New product development continues to be a key focus for the business, with investments of £10 million in Research and Development during the year. With the continued strong performance of Cefenil® RTU Injection launched in the US market in 2020, along with new product launches of Cepritect® Dry Cow Intramammary, Tulieve® Injection, and a novel flukicide Solantel® Pour On, our new product pipeline continues to add to our significant product portfolio.
  • Significant capital investment of £12m (or 5% revenue), bringing total investment in the last three years to £100m.
  • We have positively improved our safety with the support of our employees.
  • Our Teams have tirelessly supported the business recovery over the last year, while adapting to working within Covid-19 protocols which were necessitated to ensure a safe working environment. We are deeply grateful for our employees' continued support.