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Operations and Supply Chain 

 Making it happen

Our Operations and Supply Chain teams help source, manufacture and ship Norbrook's expansive portfolio of products to customers all over the world. Click on each of the  tabs below to find out more about what our teams do. 


Our operations colleagues manage production efficiency and ensure that our products are produced safely, efficiently and to the highest standards.  

Continuous learning and improvement

The Operations team includes: Environment, Health & Safety (EHS), Manufacturing, Engineering and Technical Process Excellence.

The EHS team  are responsible for Norbrook’s EHS programme ensuring that policies, standards and procedures are established and adhered to.

The Manufacturing team is responsible for manufacturing and packaging Norbrook’s branded and contract customers veterinary pharmaceutical products based on customer orders.

Engineering is responsible for ensuring fit for purpose facilities and equipment throughout Norbrook. This involves coordinating all capital investments within Norbrook and maintaining all facilities to the highest standards.

The technical Process Excellence function is responsible for providing technical support to Operations in the manufacture of veterinary medicines. The technical Process Excellence team work closely with R&D and Commercial to introduce new products to the market. The team supports manufacturing by ensuring that process capability of materials, people and equipment meets Norbrook’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.

Supply Chain

Our supply chain teams play a pivotal role in ensuring that we service our customers requirements in over 120 countries globally. The supply chain team are continuously looking to innovate, building efficiencies, reducing cost and creating a more sustainable logistics impact. 

Ensuring an agile and efficient supply chain

Norbrook’s Supply Chain organisation consists of a number of departments including:


Demand Planning & Scheduling, Customer Service, Stores and Distribution

Demand Planning and Scheduling build and plan the schedule for our customer orders through to our Procurement team who manage our global supplier base.


Our Customer Service department's role is to deliver excellent service to our customers. They are the first point of contact for customer queries and updates and act as a support function to our Sales team.


The Stores team play an important role in the supply chain function, they receive and control inbound raw material shipments. They are responsible for the on-site storage of chemicals and the coordination of items to be manufactured to the production suites and packaging lines.

The Distribution team then store and consolidate customer orders at our finished goods warehouse. They negotiate the best shipping routes based on cost, time, and GDP practices.

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