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Closamectin® Pour-on Solution for Cattle from Norbrook subject to an increased withdrawal period

Monday 25 March 2019   
Closamectin® Pour-on Solution for Cattle from Norbrook subject to an increased withdrawal period

Norbrook® Laboratories Ltd. has an extension to the withdrawal period for its combination ivermectin and closantel endectocide Closamectin (5mg/ml + 200mg/ml) Pour-on Solution for Cattle. The product is now subject to a withdrawal period of 58 days for meat and offal; previously 28 days. The change has been approved by the European Agencies.

The change in withdrawal period will take effect immediately and customers are being offered practical support to inform their end users.

Since its launch in 2009, Closamectin Pour-on for Cattle has proven to be a highly effective endectocide, treating roundworms, late immature to adult fluke (from seven weeks) as well as mange mites and lice. Featuring a distinctive blue dye for easy identification of treated animals and known for its convenient, stress-free application Closamectin Pour-on is a tried and trusted product, with more than 35 million doses used throughout Europe.

Richard Palmer, Norbrook Global Head of Sales and Marketing commented, "Our aim is to maintain the highest standards of pharmaceutical safety and efficacy, which includes regular reviews of our products. Due to increased sensitivity in residue testing and following further studies, we have agreed with the regulatory authorities to increase the withdrawal period of Closamectin Pour-on Solution for Cattle from 28 to 58 days. This change will meet the food producing industry’s requirement to reduce the amount of residues going into food and the environment thereby helping producers maintain the highest possible standards of food safety.

We firmly believe that even with the additional withdrawal time, Closamectin Pour-on Solution still offers one of the most comprehensive fluke and worm treatments, combined with user ease of use and stress free application for the animal, thereby continuing to provide excellent value for the producer”.

Pending the availability of new stock with updated labelling reflecting the revised withdrawal periods for the products concerned, distributors, suppliers and users of Closamectin Pour-on Solution should follow the amended withdrawal periods and apply them forthwith, even where the product labelling indicates otherwise.