Calcitrace D3 Bolus

Calcitrace D3 Bolus

Calcitrace D3 Bolus is a dietetic complementary feed containing a high level of calcium as well as magnesium, phosphate and vitamin D3. It is for use in dairy cows at risk of developing milk fever around the calving period.

  • Active Ingredient

    Each 204g bolus provides: 43g Calcium, 5g Magnesium, 3g Phosphorus, 100,000iu Vitamin D3

  • Pharmaceutical Form

    204g gelatin coated bolus

  • Indications

    To be used in dairy cows at risk of developing hypocalcaemia (milk fever) -especially high yielding, multiparous dairy cows and those with a history of developing the condition.

  • Dosage

    For reduction in milk fever: Give one bolus at the first signs of parturition to provide sustained calcium levels for up to 48 hours. If necessary repeat with a second bolus 24 hours after administration of the first bolus, for high risk cows. For supplementation following calcium injection: Give one bolus 2-3 hours after calcium injection. Repeat with a second bolus 24 hours later if necessary

  • Contraindications

    Not to be administered by intravenous or intramuscular routes.

  • Special Warnings

    Calcitrace D3 must not be given to animals with clinical signs of milk fever as the swallowing reflex may be impaired. Do not give the bolus to a down cow (paresis). If the shell of the bolus becomes damaged, do not administer the bolus.

  • Adverse Reactions


  • Withdrawal Period

    Meat -Zero days Milk -Zero hours

  • Packaging Size

    12 pack and 4 pack

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