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Sales & Marketing

Our teams help to unlock growth opportunities with our customers by showcasing Norbrook's expansive portfolio of products and brands and highlighting how these products can help increase sales, profitability and client satisfaction. 

Building relationships, driving  growth

In Norbrook's key international markets, our sales teams are comprised of Key Account Managers (KAMs) and field sales teams. Our KAMs manage large strategic accounts and buying groups while our field sales teams typically manage a large number of individual veterinarian clients and/or farmers within a specific geographic area. 

The proximity of our sales team to our buyers, veterinarians and farmers helps us understand their needs better, provide agile solutions and generate insights for our innovation pipeline. 

In all of our subsidiaries, Norbrook also employs qualified and highly experienced vets. Our vets deliver technical training to our customers, support our sales teams and respond to technical product queries.    

The marketing team work with Norbrook's veterinary teams, regulatory and sales colleagues to ensure that product features and benefits are clear and compliant with local regulatory requirements. The marketing teams role is to use a range of tools and activities to build preference for Norbrook brands among veterinarians, farmers and key decision makers. 

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