Norbrook Launches New Enroflox® (enrofloxacin) Chewable Tablets in the US, Providing Veterinarians and Pet Owners Effective, Affordable and Flexible Antibiotic Treatment for dogs & cats.

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas, Norbrook Inc., dedicated to providing quality veterinary pharmaceuticals at an affordable price, today announced it has released Enroflox® Chewable TabletsThe new tablets are a fluoroquinolone antibiotic designed to manage susceptible bacterial diseases in cats and dogs. They have the same safety and indications as the pioneer, but they are much more affordable, allowing veterinarians to pass some of that savings on to their clients, while also boosting their profits. Enroflox Chewable Tablets will be a welcome complement to Norbrook’s current product Enroflox® Injection for Dogs 2.27%.

“In today’s economic climate, veterinary clinics and their clients are facing immense pressure to provide the best quality treatment for pets, while also having to closely manage their budgets,” said Dr. Scott Krick, Technical Service Veterinarian, Norbrook. “At Norbrook, we don’t want anyone to have to choose between the two. Now, with the full portfolio of Enroflox products, they don’t have to. Pets can get the effective and flexible treatment they need, clients get an affordable option, and clinics get a boost to their bottom line.”

Indications: Enroflox Chewable Tablets feature enrofloxacin, the same active ingredient as in Baytril® Taste Tabs. Its broad-spectrum activity against susceptible species of both Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria makes it an effective treatment against many dermal, respiratory and urinary tract infections.

Dosing Made Easy: The unique design of Enroflox Chewable Tablets makes accurate dosing easy for both veterinarians and clients. Available in 22.7 mg, 68 mg and 136 mg strengths, the liver-flavored tablets are double-scored and come in a geometric shape that is easy for clients to break, yet durable during shipping.

Affordability: While bioequivalent to Baytril Taste Tabs, Enroflox Chewable Tablets are more affordable. Veterinarians can save up to 32 percent per tablet when choosing Enroflox Chewable Tablets over the pioneer product, allowing them to pass some of the savings on to clients while increasing practice profitability.

Enroflox Chewable Tablets are an excellent complement to Enroflox Injection for Dogs 2.27%. To maximize success when treating canine patients, veterinarians administer a single dose of Enroflox injection in the clinic and dispense Enroflox Chewable Tablets for the clients to administer at home.

 For more information on Enroflox®, contact your local animal health provider or contact our US office here.

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