Norbrook opens new state-of-the-art cleanrooms at Nairobi manufacturing facility. 


The three new suites deliver on a £2.3M ($3.2M) investment in Kenya, ensuring Norbrook continues to offer the highest manufacturing standards and regulatory compliance in the market. 

The grand opening of the cleanrooms was attended by over 100 dignitaries and customers from several East African and European countries, including representatives from the Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock Development, the Kenyan Veterinary Medicines Board, and the Ugandan National Drug Authority. The ribbon cutting ceremony was presided over by Jonathan Mueke, the Permanent Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture & Livestock Development. 

The government recognised Norbrook’s support of the sector, with Mr. Mueke noting that “Norbrook is a key player in the livestock sector with a key focus on food and nutrition security, and employment creation. Currently Norbrook is ranked as the market leader in veterinary products manufacturing in Kenya with an estimated share of 70%.” 

Norbrook commenced operating in Kenya in 1993 and has since grown to be the number one animal healthcare company in Kenya. The manufacturing facility provides high quality animal healthcare products across East Africa. From its Nairobi facility, Norbrook manufactures an extensive portfolio of farm animal pharmaceuticals including acaricides, drenches, salves, and antiseptics to maintain the health and well-being of several species including beef and dairy cattle, sheep, goats and poultry. Norbrook’s portfolio is particularly important to local cattle farmers in managing tick resistance which can have devastating impacts animal health food security. 

In recognising the investment by Norbrook, Mr. Mueke said “the launch of this facility will increase product safety, product capacity, efficiency and enhance exports which will earn the country more foreign exchange and increase the much required job opportunities.”

The launch event was attended by several members of Norbrook’s senior management team. Andrea Iucci, Norbrook’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “I am proud to announce the formal opening of our new state-of-the-art clean room facility in Nairobi. The investment of £2.3M ($3.2M) is a demonstration of Norbrook’s commitment to our customers in Kenya and a signal of our ambition to grow our business locally and across East Africa. I look forward to supporting the business as it grows into the future.”

Also in attendance was Shane Relihan, Norbrook’s Chief Operations Officer, who added, “Norbrook has always sought to reach the highest standards in quality and safety for pharmaceutical manufacturing. We are confident that by upgrading our clean room facilities to the latest standards, we have positioned ourselves for long term growth in the region.”  

As part of the launch event, tours of the new facility were conducted for visiting guests. Stephen Campbell, the Norbrook East Africa Site Lead, explained the importance of the new facilities for Norbrook and for East Africa, “At Norbrook we pride ourselves on Quality. Our new cleanrooms deliver on that promise to our customers, ensuring the highest manufacturing standards and regulatory compliance are met for every product we deliver to the market”.

Speaking at the launch event, Dr. Michael Katurebe, Norbrook’s Regional Sales & Marketing Head, East Africa noted, “Our local Kenyan team and partners have worked tirelessly to complete the opening of our clean rooms on time and to budget. This new facility will help us consolidate our leadership position and provide the highest levels of safety and quality to our loyal customers.”

In discussing East African food security at the event, Mr. Mueke outlined how “Norbrook’s footprint in improving animal health through unique products such as tick control formulations cannot go unnoticed”. The continued investment in Kenya has provided Norbrook with the opportunity to build on its current success, with Mr. Mueke encouraging Norbrook to “continue with innovation and increase new product ranges to add to the current portfolio”. This has cemented Norbrook as a market leader and positioned the facility on track for an exciting future.

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