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New Product Development

Norbrook aims to provide a balanced portfolio of veterinary pharmaceutical products to our Customers and end users; vets, farmers and pet owners. Our focus is on developing significant veterinary products, being the first generic to market where possible, and providing features and benefits that differentiate our product offering.

The development of a new product requires input from a number of departments within Norbrook. Ideas for new products can come from many quarters, both internal and external- including market feedback; from our own commercial; veterinary and technical personnel as well as our innovation team.

The research and development phase is a multi-stage process which begins with the product concept. Due diligence is then extensively carried out on the viability of the product. The product proposal then moves through to the series of development stages, before continuing on to production and testing. This progresses to securing successful regulatory licences to allow for the launch of the product for sale in markets around the world. It is a not a quick process, requiring upwards of five years or more from initial product concept through to a successful launch of the product onto the market.

The Norbrook product model primarily involves the use of molecules that are already known and established in the pharmaceutical industry. These are developed with their own unique selling points so that they can command a place in the veterinary pharmaceutical market and better serve our customers.

We have a strong pipeline of new products over the next four years which will support the achievement of our strategic objectives.

Recent portfolio of new products available regionally: